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Alzan Studios is an independent software studio based in Longwood Florida. In 2016, Alzan Studios partnered with HTC and Valve to develop room scale virtual reality experiences for SteamVR. The "studios" refer to web-design, virtual reality simulations, immersive video games, and digital media production. Alzan Studios` first virtual reality game, Holopoint, is one of the most popular VR titles available on Steam.

Holopoint has been referred to as the first virtual reality sport due to its fast action and physically demanding nature. Players must fight their way through waves of responsive targets, samurai, and highly dangerous ninjas - all while drawing, nocking, and shooting  arrows as quickly as possible. When a basic target (such as a holographic cube) is shattered with less than perfect accuracy, it shoots a shard back at the player's head which must be dodged by physically moving in real world space. Its easy to say that Holopoint is one of the most challenging virtual reality experiences available.

Holopoint is being used in amazing ways



 All kinds of virtual reality players are engaging in wave after wave of Holopoint's Classic game mode.  Excellent players are rewarded with a higher rank on the global leaderboard.


Fitness enthusiasts take advantage of Holopoint's Time Trial mode for interval training. Throw on some weights and work out in an exciting new way. The agility and stamina requirements of Time Trial mode can be tailored to fit your workout.


With virtually all progression limited by players` real world skill, Holopoint is perfect for both competitive tournaments and casual games. Competitions are usually ranked by the best score after two runs from each player.

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